What is Brand Tracking?

what is brand tracking

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, understanding how customers perceive your brand is crucial for survival. Brand tracking allows you to measure and evaluate consumer opinions about your brand on an ongoing basis, providing essential insights into your brand’s health. But what exactly is brand tracking, and why should you care? Brand tracking is a form of […]

What is Customer Profiling?

what is customer profiling

Have you ever wondered how businesses seem to know exactly what you want? The secret lies in customer profiling, a fundamental aspect of market research that empowers businesses to understand their customers deeply. But what is customer profiling, and why is it so valuable for businesses? Let’s explore customer profiling, and how it can revolutionise […]

What is Product Market Fit?

product market fit

Defining product-market fit is integral to the success of your startup and the products you aim to offer. It represents the sweet spot where your product fulfils the needs of your market effectively enough to sustain growth and profitability. Achieving this means that your product not only resonates with your target customers but also compels […]

5 Key People You Need In Your Corner

How to succeed as a Business Founder: 5 key people you need in your corner. My 6 yr old son is learning to play the violin and the teacher said one of the main benefits is teaching them perseverance. It reminds me of business – being a business owner and building a business from scratch […]

How Market Research Specialists Are Bringing Data and Agility to Companies

Think back just a few years and you’ll reach an era when, if you needed to find an expert in market research, your only opportunity was hiring a costly agency or foregoing the whole idea and making 6-figure decisions based on gut feelings. However, the gig economy caught inertia, changing everything—and not just food delivery […]

3 Ways To Achieve Business Confidence And Certainty In 2021

Welcome 2021! For many businesses, it couldn’t come fast enough. There is hope that this year is going to be a better one. If nothing else, we know what to expect and how to prepare. It is time for businesses to regain control and focus on future proofing themselves. No more pivoting. Whilst Covid forced […]

Don’t Be Like The Emperor And His New Clothes…get The Truth From Your Customers

Businesses are now being told to put their customers first and design products and services with a customer-centric lens. As quoted in The Economist, Harvard Business School Professor Thales Teixeira observes; “By focusing on understanding in great detail what consumers’ needs are, what uses they have for the products sold to them and how their monetary, time and […]

The Next Growth Opportunity: Customer Insights in the Age of Agile

“Change before you have to… Control your own destiny or someone else will. An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”  —Jack Welch, former CEO, GENERAL ELECTRIC When The Warehouse Group, NZ’s largest retailer, recently announced they were transforming their business model to Agile, there were […]

The Return Of In-person Qualitative Research?

Like many industries, Covid-19 has forced how many of us conduct qualitative market research with a fundamental shift in approach and methods to accommodate social-distancing, protect health and provide reassurance to participants. Qualitative and Ethnographic research, typically done in person through focus groups, in depth interviews, in store shopalongs, observational research and ‘day in the […]

How Consumer Insights Help Brands Cut Costs During Covid-19

Welcome to 2020 where a pandemic and potential global recession are driving uncertainty and leading business leaders to examine their P&Ls and spending. But it’s not all doom and gloom. In this age of social distancing, we also find ourselves in the age of data, analytics and consumer insights. Every single day, humans produce 2.5 quintillion […]