Online Communities

An online community is like a private online chat group; an interactive and efficient insight gathering tool that allows us to explore attitudes, behaviours, triggers and motivations. 

Communities vary in length from around 6-14 days.  Topics are posted every second day and our researcher prompts participants to share their feedback, impressions and feelings, without the constraints of a staged “formal Q&A research” environment. 

Participants can comment in real time when their emotions are heightened, giving rich and accurate insight into their attitudes and experience.

Through skilled moderation, the community fosters a collaborative and open environment. Because of its ongoing and interactive nature, it is ideal for identifying challenges and opportunities and allows the moderator to explore any issues and/or opportunities on the spot.

“As a business, you are about to invest thousands, 100s of thousands, even millions into launching into a new market, but many of us don’t even take the time to do our research first. What can we do today, to guarantee success tomorrow?

Do your due diligence - do your research. It's worth the investment."

Benefits of Online Communities Include:

Audience Engagement

Online communities provide a platform for real-time interaction with your target audience, allowing you to gather immediate feedback on products, services, or market trends.

Through discussions, polls, and surveys within the community, you can collect qualitative data, gaining deeper insights into consumer preferences, opinions, and behaviors.

Cost Effective Research

Compared to traditional market research methods, online communities can be more cost-effective. You save on expenses related to physical facilities, travel, and logistics.

Building Brand Loyalty

Establishing a community fosters a sense of belonging among participants. This can enhance brand loyalty as users feel a connection not just with the product but with the brand community.


Online communities can serve as a source of innovative ideas. Engaging users in the co-creation process can result in the development of products that better meet customer needs.

Quick Data Collection

With online communities, you can quickly gather data. This is crucial in fast-paced industries where timely insights are essential for decision-making.

Reach and Accessibility

Unlike traditional focus groups that are often location-specific, online communities allow you to connect with a diverse and global audience, providing a broader perspective and at their convenience


Online communities are adaptable and can be quickly modified to address changing research needs or emerging market trends.

What makes a GREAT online community?

  • CLEAR PURPOSE: Identify the main purpose of the community and ensure  discussion topics and questions focus on that. We screen and recruit participants based on the shared purpose or focus of the community.
  • HIGH TOUCH EXPERT MODERATION = ONGOING ENGAGEMENT: Great online communities are thoughtfully moderated. Frequent personalised moderation that acknowledges posts  and asks follow up questions.
  • OPEN & TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION: Within the guidelines set up to protect the brand, moderator and the community, participants should genuinely feel like it is a place where they can freely express their knowledge and opinions. 

We use Qualzy as our online qualitative platform.

Read our recent case study on our partnership with Qualzy.

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“We approached Insights Exchange to better understand our potential customers in Australia and to size the market opportunity. Their past expertise with working in both New Zealand and Australia with technology start-ups and their good reputation with clients such as Xero was our appeal to working with them.

We were really impressed with their responsiveness to our queries, fast turnaround, quality of researchers and ease to work with.”

Irina Smolina – Marketing Manager – Lentune

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