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Running a fast-growth business is challenging. But without data or insight to guide the way, it’s like flying blind. Insights Exchange allows you to tap into market research and data insights, strategies and solutions that elevate your brand’s impact. We make it easy for you to scale globally and do research in markets all over the world.

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We connect your business with vetted, highly experienced researchers from all industry backgrounds. Whether it’s a quick turnaround, ad hoc project or a deep dive into complex insights like global brand tracking, we can help.

We’re all about flexibility to fit your needs and deliver responsive and timely research solutions.


Insights Exchange was founded in March 2020 by Nichola Quail, a seasoned market researcher with 25 years of international experience under her belt. Our roots are firmly grounded in the belief that market insights should be accessible to all.

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Based in Sydney, but spanning globally, our small yet diverse network is comprised of dedicated professionals. With a network of over 35 researchers spanning more than 10 countries, we’re united by a shared passion for delivering meaningful results.

At our core, we’re a tech-enabled company, embracing the digital age and leveraging cloud-based solutions. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology allows us to automate and scale our systems, ensuring that our services are streamlined and efficient.

In addition to our in-house expertise, we collaborate with like-minded fast-growth global research technology partners. This collaborative approach enriches our offerings and ensures that we’re at the forefront of innovation. Together, we’re on a mission to make insightful market research an accessible and impactful tool for businesses worldwide.

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How we work
It’s as simple as...

STEP 1: Let’s chat about your research needs!

Let’s connect so we can better understand your desired outcomes, budget and timeline to assess the best research solutions and research specialist to work on your project.

STEP 2: Finalise Scope of Work and Assign Research Expert.

Here we sign off on your project objectives and allocate a Research Client Manager and Research Specialist to work on your project.

STEP 3: Kick Off time!

Now it’s time to set up for success! We have a 1-hour online meeting with the core team and key internal stakeholders on roles and responsibilities, project milestones and ways of working.


Are you a researcher looking to
work with a company committed
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Imagine a work schedule tailored to your preferences and an environment that matches your style. At Insights Exchange, collaboration is hassle-free, administrative tasks are kept to a minimum, and your main focus is research and analysis. You’ll have the chance to work with local and global clients and brands you might not have crossed paths with.

Be a part of our global network!


“We approached Insights Exchange to better understand our potential customers in Australia and to size the market opportunity. Their past expertise with working in both New Zealand and Australia with technology start-ups and their good reputation with clients such as Xero was our appeal to working with them.

We were really impressed with their responsiveness to our queries, fast turnaround, quality of researchers and ease to work with.”

Irina Smolina – Marketing Manager – Lentune

Market Research Done Right

Xero is a global, cloud-based accounting software with 2.5 million users and growing.
Insights Exchange was commissioned by The Trade Desk to gain insights into the evolving TV landscape, how audiences are responding,
Panasonic is a global electronics and appliance brand.