Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is used to gather numerical data that can be analysed statistically in formats including surveys, questionnaires, polls and brand trackers. It focuses on quantifying data  and relationships between variables to understand patterns, trends, and associations. 

This is quite different to qualitative research that focuses on understanding what people feel, think and do. Researchers aim to gain in-depth insights into the underlying reasons, motivations, and patterns of behaviour through methods such as in-depth interviews, focus groups and online communities. 

Without a solid understanding of your market, you risk making decisions based on assumptions or outdated information, which can lead to misaligned branding efforts, wasted resources, and costly mistakes.

Make informed decisions that are grounded in real data.

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“As a business, you are about to invest thousands, 100s of thousands, even millions into launching into a new market, but many of us don’t even take the time to do our research first. What can we do today, to guarantee success tomorrow?

Do your due diligence - do your research. It's worth the investment."

Benefits of Quantitative Research:

Quantitative research often involves large sample sizes, which can increase the generalisability of findings to broader populations. By using random sampling techniques, researchers can make inferences about a population based on the characteristics of the sample. 

Objectivity and Reliability

Quantitative research allows for the collection of standardized, numerical data, reducing the potential for bias in interpretation. By employing systematic methods for data collection and analysis, researchers can enhance the reliability of their findings. Statistical techniques can further validate the results, adding to the credibility of the research outcomes.

One of the key advantages of quantitative research is the ability to apply various statistical techniques to analyze data and draw meaningful conclusions. Researchers can identify patterns, correlations, and associations between variables, providing insights into the relationships under study. Statistical analysis enables researchers to test hypotheses rigorously, assess the significance of findings, and make evidence-based decisions.

Insights Exchange uses a number of quantitative methods including:

  • Online Surveys, Polls and Questionnaires
  • Brand Health Tracking
  • Concept Testing
  • Market & Consumer Insights
  • Market Sizing
  • Customer Profiling

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How Do We Do This?

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“We approached Insights Exchange to better understand our potential customers in Australia and to size the market opportunity. Their past expertise with working in both New Zealand and Australia with technology start-ups and their good reputation with clients such as Xero was our appeal to working with them.

We were really impressed with their responsiveness to our queries, fast turnaround, quality of researchers and ease to work with.”

Irina Smolina – Marketing Manager – Lentune