3 Ways To Achieve Business Confidence And Certainty In 2021

Welcome 2021! For many businesses, it couldn’t come fast enough. There is hope that this year is going to be a better one. If nothing else, we know what to expect and how to prepare. It is time for businesses to regain control and focus on future proofing themselves. No more pivoting.

Whilst Covid forced many businesses to adapt, change tack or completely alter their business model, this is the time to make decisions about which changes to keep and what to leave behind in 2020. However, for some business-owners, this kind of decision making is challenging as there are so many what ifs and unknowns. They lack the confidence and data to make the right decision.

We know that uncertainty breeds inaction. By doing nothing and hoping that the changes you have made to the business will continue to resonate with customers in 2021 post-Covid world is risky.

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.” Dale Carnegie.

Here are my three tips for business to take action and tackle 2021 with confidence and certainty:

1.Speak to your customers

Find out how their sentiment has changed in the last 3 months and what their goals are for 2021 – are they positive and hopeful or negative and pessimistic? Is the shift to online shopping permanent or a moment in time? What tone of voice are they expecting from business heading into 2021? Having this data will help you plan your product roadmap and manage how to speak to your customers in future communications.

2.Mine your existing data 

You may have been too overwhelmed or busy pivoting in 2020 to explore the data you already have sitting in the business. Sometimes taking some time to re-read, re-cut or review existing data through a post-Covid lens could provide some inspiration or steer you in a new direction. Assign everyone a report to read with fresh eyes and convene a Deep Dive workshop to give stakeholders an opportunity to share new ideas and insights.

3.Get stakeholder alignment

Without everyone on the same page, it is going to be difficult future proofing business success in 2021. This is why data and stakeholder workshops can be useful tools to unify a team around what is actually happening rather than what people ‘think’ is happening. Start this year off with taking action to gain the confidence and certainty you need to win 2021!

If you’d like to find out more ways to use data and insights to make more confident decisions, contact me at nichola@insights-exchange.com to book a call.