Trendspotting 2024: Shifting attitudes toward work, housing, and AI, with cost-of-living rising to top of mind for consumers.

Our Trendspotting Report, now in its third iteration, 2024, has charted shifting attitudes toward work, housing, and AI, with cost-of-living rising to top of mind for consumers.

Along with economic and financial pressures, polarisation between people in different life stages as well as gendered differences act as a
watch-out for brand strategists and marketers as demographic groups’ experiences are increasingly specific and unique.

The report explores 6 Key Trends:

  • Frugal Sustainability – consumers balancing cost-of-living with sustainable ideals
  • The Mooch Generation -18-24 year olds increasingly unable to leave home due to cost-pressures
  • Inflation and the Gender Gap – women are more concerned about inflation
  • AI: Devil or Deliverer – increasing numbers of Australians are aware of AI as both threat and tool
  • Paradigm Shift at Work – side hustles and the gig economy are growing thanks to redundancies and cost-of-living crises
  • Generation Jones – the overlooked 55-70 age group with the most discretionary spending.


In previous reports we highlighted trends that indicated how much Australia has changed; in this report we begin to see how these trends have long-term implications and what the run-on effects of the cost-of-living crisis are when combined with inflation, increasing numbers of workers in the gig economy and housing instability for younger generations. If brands are sensitive to these long-term consequences and put a consumer-first face on, they’ll be rewarded by loyalty and stability in otherwise turbulent times.

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