International Women’s Day – ‘The Generation Jones’ often overlooked

This International Women’s Day 2024 we want to turn the spotlight on some of the matters impacting women.

Few have been unscathed by the rising cost of living, but it’s something that is weighing far more heavily on the minds of women. In Australia 74% of women vs 65% men rate this as a top concern.

Our ‘Generation Jones’ are women aged in the 55-70 demographic who are often overlooked in media targeting, with only just over a quarter saying that they feel their family/home situation is well represented in the media. A similarly small number say they can relate to current advertising that displays family scenarios/imagery.  

Our data shows that whilst most are married, 40% are enjoying a single life.  One in five have children living at home and many are financially supporting their adult children. About half are still engaged in the workforce and half own their own homes and are mortgage free.  They are more digitally savvy than their tech-addicted youngsters give them credit for. Most are familiar with Artificial intelligence, digital wallets and bitcoin. 15% are regular users of tools including ChatGpt.

It might be time for us to reframe how we perceive age and what our definition of ‘older women’’ is, particularly when you consider that half own their homes without a mortgage and are still working full or part time. 

Generation Jones (women aged 55-70) are:

  • Most concerned with climate change 28% raise it as a top concern (vs only 19% of those aged 18-24).
  • On board with reducing single use plastics with 70% taking action  (vs 46% of age 18-24’s).
  • Just over a quarter saying that they feel their family/home situation is well represented in the media




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