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Welcome to the Professional Gig Economy -
Welcome to Insights Exchange

“The Gig Economy represents a trend that will digitally transform the future of work. I believe that every organization in every industry needs a Gig Economy strategy. Not having one is like missing the internet trend in 1990 or the mobile revolution in 2010.”

Wise words from Paul Estes, a leading Gig Economy commentator.

Why Join Insights Exchange as a Researcher?

When we ask our researchers what they love about working for themselves and for Insights Exchange, the most common answers are: 

  1. Flexibility – choose my own hours, work on other passion projects, can work around my family and other commitments
  2. Variety of work – select what to work on and work with interesting new people
  3. Freedom – Scale up and down my earning potential based on my capacity


what exactly do we do?

The following video below will answer what is Insights Exchange and what exactly do we do? Who is our global research network and how can you become involved? Why join and what can you expect?

This is a very short snapshot of the process, but we are happy to talk through them with you during our initial conversation.


If you would like more information or a quote, please complete the details and we will get back to you shortly.