Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any questions, please see below our sections dedicated to either Clients or Researchers.

We can also arrange a quick call to answer any additional questions you may have. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


We learn about your business problem in a 30min Discovery Call.

We then recommend a research package or a tailored approach depending on your budget and research needs.

Once we assign you the researcher that best fits your project, we kick off. Each project is different depending on what you need.It can take a few weeks for shorter research studies or several months for longer research project which often have multiple research stages e.g. quantitative survey and qualitative interviews.Your Project Manager will keep the project on track and provide frequent updates. Everything is managed under one contract, on a single platform – bonus!

We use a number of different methods including online surveys, in-depth interviews, online forums and communities, desktop research…contact us to find out which would work best for your project.

Occasionally we do but we find clients are moving toward online methods such as online communities, interviews and focus groups as they provide a cost effective and efficient approach that delivers the depth of insight required. If the brief really calls for in person qualitative research, we will certainly propose that approach.

No. We have a global network of researchers so we can work in multiple markets. We have worked with clients from across NZ, US, UK, South Africa, Europe and South East Asia.

Yes it is! We can tailor your needs and can run a 5-minute survey including a topline report for less than you might expect!   This will give you a lot of bang for your buck and data insights to take the next steps with confidence.

Research can give you clarity about your market, product, brand or customer/consumer. Ultimately, our clients use research to enable brand growth, whether that’s by identifying where the white space is, whom they should target, how and where they should focus their marketing spend, the size of an opportunity to enter into a new market, or the potential & optimisation of a new product or service. Talk to us about how we can help.

A questionnaire is not a survey in itself, but it is a part of a survey. Questionnaires are the actual set of questions that the participants answer. A survey is the process of using questionnaires and other data collection methods to find out more about a specific group. The data collected is then organised into quantifiable sets of data and this is then analysed as a whole.

Quantitative research tells you ‘what’ people do, how many and how often. Qualitative research tells you the ‘why’ behind what people do. What is the trigger, decision making process and underlying human needs they are trying to meet.

Yes. We introduce the researcher either in our proposal/scope of work or at the project kick off.

We have highly experienced client partners who manage your project, providing one point of contact from the project scope to final delivery. Your client partner has typically been involved in the design of your research project, so they understand your business need and research problem. Their role is to ensure successful project delivery and a streamlined, stress-free process for you.

Our global team of researchers are all vetted independent contractors, with a minimum of 5 years experience. They work for themselves and have often worked both in agencies and client side. This means we have a greater pool of category and methodological expertise to draw from. We can also scale up or down as you need because we operate with a lean, agile business model.

We are flexible in the ways we work. Our research network can be utilised for research projects and as a researcher working inside your organisation, as part of your team for as long as you need to help you deliver projects, manage workflow or for whatever reason you need! There are no egos at play here.


We are a one-stop-shop for research services, but we dramatically differ from the traditional model in that all our research partners (you!) are independent contractors. We act as a professional conduit between our clients and our research partners. Clients benefit from a more cost-effective research solution and access to specialists they wouldn’t normally be able to find, all managed under one contract, on a single platform. In movie terms, we are the production house that makes sure everyone has what they need, and everyone is happy!

No. We typically assign the projects, but you can decide if they are also a good fit for you.

Yes. We operate projects globally but also work with researchers outside of Australia on local projects. We currently have researchers working for us from Germany, UK, NZ, US and South East Asia! We use collaborative communication and document sharing tools i.e. Slack and Google Docs, which allows for easy sharing across time zones.

Yes definitely. In fact many of our researchers are working parents or work with Insights Exchange on projects as part of their side hustle…

If the client requires a presentation then the researcher. would present back to the client at the end of the project. Another member of the team, usually our Project Manager, will also attend these key meetings and presentations for support.

Yes. Usually the researcher and the Project Manager will work together to ensure changes are made directly with the client.

We typically don’t use a pitching model as it’s not the model we want to create.We select a researcher for a project based on expertise, client budget, researcher/client culture fit and availability.

We agree to a Statement of Work before each project where we have planned out the hours required to deliver the project. The Project Manager then will work closely with you to ensure we remain within the parameters, and should the estimates be off, we address these as early as possible.

We are very keen to utilise the most efficient and new technology in our research and use platforms such as Qualzy, Yabble and Displayr. We can provide training if you are not familiar with these.

Fantastic! We are very keen to chat to you! Please check our Calendly link for a suitable time to connect. We will then go through the process, find out a bit about your background and skill set and also outline out NDA requirements before you join us.