NZ POST – For a greener future

The Business Problem

The three pillars of ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance, require organisations to exercise greater vigilance and to conduct their business sustainably. NZ Post provides their customers with a monthly Carbon Emissions Report to help them better understand their emission consumption and how they can make small changes to reduce their carbon footprint and help guide their ESG–driven strategy.


Research Objectives

NZ Post wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how their customers currently use the report, where it can be optimised and how they can collaborate more effectively in their sustainability partnership.


In-depth interviews were conducted with a range of NZ Post customers to talk through the current report content and ways in which it could be improved and work better for them.

The NZ Post team had the opportunity to observe the interviews and gain firsthand understanding of the discussions, as well as be presented with the project key findings and recommendations.

“We really enjoyed working with Insights Exchange on this important Customer Emission report review. The interviews were conducted professionally and we were able to really gain detailed insights of what our customers wanted out of the report and how we could support each other to manage and decrease our environmental footprint. We now have some new opportunities and objectives we can work on for the years ahead which we are really excited about.”

Andikha Herbowo – Customer Insights Manager – NZ Post