Mys Tyler

The Business Problem

Mys Tyler is a feel-good fashion platform designed for all women. The social-shopping app uses a combination of AI and human-based recommendations to match users with body-relevant content creators, allowing them to “follow”, discover, and shop fashion inspiration that fits. The app tackles the fashion industry’s issues with representation and “fit” and enables women to discover other women of a similar height, size, shape and more, so they can see how an outfit will fit on themselves. This reduces the chance of purchasing clothing online that doesn’t fit and ends up in the back of the closet or in landfill.


Mys Tyler wanted to find out how women feel about fashion, what they want changed and why, so they could include data insights into their upcoming media and marketing campaign run by agency Olive PR.

Insights Exchange was engaged to investigate the link between fashion and body confidence in key areas including:

  • Emotion 
  • Representation
  • Inspiration
  • Fit
  • Body Confidence 
  • Fashion /Fit challenges


Our Approach

Insights Exchange worked closely with our panel partner Pureprofile to recruit and survey over 1000 women across Australia between 18-65+. The short online survey was easily accessible to participants via desktop or mobile devices 24/7 for the convenience of their busy lives.



Insights Exchange provided Mys Tyler data insights to allow them to better quantify figures around body confidence for their media and marketing campaign. 

  • Only 1 in 4 women feels confident about her body
  • 89% of women feel more confident when they like what they are wearing, however, only 15% wear outfits every day that make them feel more confident
  • Half (49%) of women struggle to find clothing that suits their body, age and/or style
  • Women don’t feel well represented by the fashion industry, and would like to see greater diversity of sizes and ages
  • Most women (69%) want to see clothing on a diversity of models, rather than just models who look like them or traditional models