Leina & Fleur: New Customer Acquisition

The Business Problem

Leina & Fleur is an Australian premium online womenswear brand. It has loyal and highly engaged customers. The brand is looking to grow its customer base and wants to examine their brand perception amongst prospective customers, and how best to position itself to resonate with its target audience.


Research Discovery

  • Current brand positioning and how it was perceived by potential customers in its target demographic who were not previously aware of the brand
  • Competitive market and positioning 


The Insights Exchange Approach

Insights Exchange assigned one of qualitative research specialists to conduct in-depth qualitative research using our online community platform by recruiting 35 individuals fitting their ideal potential customer profile . We explored their responses to the Leina & Fleur website, products, brand images, social media (facebook live) events, and other stimulus materials, over the course of 10 days. 



Leina & Fleur were provided with insights into:

  • The customer shopping journey – path to purchase
  • Drivers and barriers to purchasing for their target audience
  • Improvements to website to enhance the customer shopping experience
  • How to gain trust with an audience not previously aware of the brand
  • How to position social media events and marketing materials to best engage their
    potential audience

“Insights Exchange provided us with an awesome experience from start to finish. The Online Community research format is amazing: the nuggets of information; how it was set up and run; access for the team to have a look at it while it was happening; and then the feedback presentation at the end. What we have learned about our target customer from this process has been invaluable.”

Leina Broughton, Creative Director & Co-Founder, Leina & Fleur