Bushbuck: Growing outdoor enthusiasts in the Australian market

Bushbuck: Growing outdoor enthusiasts in the Australian market

Founded in 2012, Bushbuck is a leading New Zealand outdoors brand pushing the limits of innovation, sustainability and performance. They are a disruptive force in the industry with a growing reputation for developing new-and-improved products using leading-edge materials, technologies and design systems. Simply, they want to get more people into the great outdoors with the safest equipment and high quality merchandise.

What Insights We Delivered

  • Clarity around the consumer journey including triggers, pain points, barriers to purchase and moments of truth
  • Size and map the Australian competitive market and Bushbuck’s unique position
    within that 
  • Provide direction to help inform the go to market strategy and product roadmap
  • Identifying the key elements of Bushbuck that provide value and differentiation and how to optimise in market
  • Profile target audience i.e. demographics, sources of influence to inform marketing communications strategy 
  • Establish a clear value proposition for Bushbuck in Australia that is relevant
    and compelling.


The Insights Exchange Approach

We recommended an iterative approach to build and learn as the research progressed – each stage informing the next which ensures that the research builds on the learnings:

  1. Online Community of ‘Outdoor Enthusiast’
  2. Online Quantitative survey 


A 6–day online community kicked-off the research to unlock greater understanding around consumer needs, perceptions of the market and camping/outdoor brands. There were 30 participants recruited from across Australia and included a mix of life stages, locations, outdoor lifestyles and category/brand usage. The second stage consisted of a 15-minute nationally representative online survey of n = 1000 outdoor enthusiasts who regularly
go camping.


The Business Problem

After great success in New Zealand, the company would like to expand further into the Australian market. 

To determine the go-to-market strategy, research was required within the Outdoor Adventure Market and specifically the Camping segment to help understand the potential level of interest in the Bushbuck product and potential size of the market in Australia.

Research Objectives

Bushbuck  wanted to gain a better understanding of:

  • Size of the Australian market opportunity (SAM, SOM) within the camping equipment category
  • Age, Gender, Location (e.g. state, metro vs regional)
  • Buying Behaviour (i.e. online v in-store, awareness v consideration, purchasing habits, preferred payment methods etc)
  • Purchase decision drivers (e.g. value for money, durability, warranty, ease of use) + how brands in the market are performing against these attributes
  • Pain points in the purchasing journey (e.g. inability to touch/feel product first)
  • Channels that make up their media landscape




Great communications and solid approach

“As a growing business, we are always seeking new opportunities and markets we could expand to. We wanted to better understand our Australian customers, identify new customers and size the market opportunity for growth. Insights Exchange came recommended as a market research company with a good reputation in the industry. We really enjoyed working with the team. Great communications and solid approach - thank you!

Clint Mellsop Marketing Lead, Bushbuck