Briscoes Group: Shopper Intercepts Project – At a Glance

The Business Problem

Briscoes Group were in the early stages of transitioning from paper to electronic shelf labels. As part of the initial rollout across stores, they wanted to understand the impact on customer experience and sales.


The research sought to understand the existing levels of awareness of the electronic tags, the key benefits and issues from a customer perspective, and ascertain the impact on improving customer experience and potential impact on decision-making and sales conversion. 

The research program included a series of accompanied shops with regular Briscoes and Rebel Sport customers and in-store intercepts to capture shoppers’ natural and immediate responses.


About The Briscoes Group
Briscoe Group is a New Zealand retail chain founded in 1861 trading under Briscoes Homeware and Rebel Sport. It has 92 stores throughout New Zealand and over 2,300 staff. Their profit in 2022 was $88.4 million.


Insights Exchange delivered insights demonstrating the value of the electronic shelf labels and opportunities for optimisation to positively impact decision-making, in-store flow & experience, and drive sales. It included addressing areas such as label layout, information architecture, and role alongside in-store merchandising & signage.