Bendon: Brand Awareness – Usage and Attitude Australia

The Business Problem

Founded in 1947 in New Zealand, Bendon is a global leader in intimate apparel and sleep. The company revolutionised the lingerie industry through its dedication to quality and innovation, creating a design philosophy that has grown stronger throughout its history. Their brands include Bendon, me. by Bendon, Pleasure State, Fayreform, Lovable, Bendon Man, and Davenport. Bendon wanted to gain a deeper understanding of what the market looks like in Australia and what the current perception is of Bendon Lingerie. They wanted to gain better insights in the experience of Australian women when purchasing lingerie including the where, when, what and how, as well as the key influences and barriers of purchasing.


Research Discovery

  • What does the lingerie market look like in Australia?
  • What the current market perception is of Bendon Lingerie.
  • Why do women buy new lingerie and what are they buying?
  • What influences women buy new lingerie? What is the key barrier to purchasing?
  • To understand if women think there is something missing in the Australian market.


The Insights Exchange Approach

The quantitative research consisted of a 12-15 minute online survey spread across current Bendon customers, those aware but not customers and those unaware of Bendon. The 1400+ respondents were covered nationally across Australia between the ages of 15-75. Insights Exchange worked closely with the team at Bendon to survey existing customers and with panel partner Pureprofile to source participants for the survey that fit the demographic brief.

Insights Exchange was able to provide Bendon with valuable insight to help them understand the Australian market in greater depth, their main competitors and what women want from their lingerie – primarily comfort and good price. 



Our final report provided: 

  • Specific suggestions around key purchasing drivers – promotions to drive frequency and basket size
  • Greater opportunity to target all women’s sizes with new styles, colours and ensuring stock availability across all 
  • Advice on the Bendon in-store experience versus purchasing online and how customer care and personalised fitting has impact on their customers

"Bendon has worked closely with Insights Exchange for several key projects over the years, including a re-brand and building out a loyalty program. This time we wanted to focus on the Australian market as a whole and to test, measure and benchmark brand health and consumer behaviour amongst Australian category buyers. We also needed to understand the key drivers and barriers to women choosing Bendon as their lingerie of choice. The insights we obtained helped us clarify how we can empower our house of brands messaging through the perspective and needs of our customers, affirm some things we already knew, and where to focus marketing spending in FY23 and beyond."

Tracey Hennah – GM Marketing & Digital