Balsam Hill – It’s looking a lot like Christmas

The Business Problem

Balsam Hill launched in 2006 and is a global direct to consumer business with a focus on Christmas trees and seasonal décor. It provides the widest selection of the best and most realistic Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands. Balsam Hill then successfully launched into the Australian market in 2012, but after seeing a decline in Australian sales in 2022, Balsam Hill wanted to undertake some local customer research to better understand how the brand is perceived, the consumer mindset and where potential issues or challenges lie in order for Balsam Hill to better tailor their business to the market.


Research Objectives

Balsam Hill looked to gain a greater understanding of the Australian customer and identify future opportunities for the brand in the Australian market inclusive of:

  • What is the meaning and traditions of Christmas in Australia? 
  • How do Balsam Hill customers decorate for the  Christmas holiday season and where do they turn for  inspiration? 
  • Do Australian customers decorate for other seasons?
  • What are the perceptions of the Balsam Hill brand? 
  • What stops customers from buying more from Balsam Hill? 
  • What role does sustainability play in their Christmas décor purchases?
  • Gauge response to the Christmas and Summer catalogue to see what products and categories resonated with customers


Insights Exchange Approach

A qualitative approach comprising two 90 minute in-person and online groups was facilitated with current Balsam Hill customers from across Australia. The participants were recruited via a targeted Balsam Hill customer email with a short recruiting questionnaire. 

The in-person group was held in Sydney CBD, while the online group ensured participants from other Australian main cities and regions. Both were facilitated by an Insights Exchange moderator.



Key findings included:

  • Brand exploration including perception, unique selling proposition and potential for growth
  • Holiday decor and inspiration – how Balsam Hill products resonate in the Australian market 
  • Christmas traditions and festivities in Australia – new marketing opportunities
  • Customer views on sustainability and role it plays in purchase decision
  • Feedback on latest Christmas Holiday and Spring catalogues


About Balsam Hill
Balsam Hill is the leading provider of high-quality, realistic artificial Christmas trees. Founded in 2006 in the USA, based in California and serves their customers worldwide.

Balsam Hill established itself in the Australian market in 2012 as a premier Christmas tree and décor retailer. For years, Australian customers have had very limited selection on Christmas trees and décor before Balsam Hill arrived with a wide selection of the best and most realistic Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands tailored specifically for the Australian market.



“We reached out to Insights Exchange to better understand the Australian consumer mindset and explore where potential issues or challenges lie in order for us to better tailor our business to the market. We had a Balsam Hill team member in Australia who attended the groups and was able to hear feedback directly from our customers. The research was executed smoothly and efficiently by the Insights Exchange team from beginning to end. We were extremely pleased with all aspects of the research from planning and execution through to the final insights report and considerations."

Mary Anne FitzGerald – Director, Consumer Insights – Balsam Brands