Awareness & Attitude: Students and JCA

The Business Problem

In 2021, Insights Exchange conducted an initial mini-online survey aimed at the greater Sydney senior Jewish student population and future community leaders. The purpose of the survey was to better understand awareness and attitudes toward JCA, what ‘community’ and the role of giving means to this demographic. Importantly, JCA wanted to gauge how best to communicate with this younger audience and what channels would be most effective.


Research Objectives

For this scope of research, JCA wanted to re- engage with students to see if their views around charities, fundraising and JCA had changed over the 12 months; as well as follow up with the student on the ‘If you can we can’ campaign to understand how it has been tracking and the response to the marketing initiatives that had been implemented.

  • Awareness and attitudes of the campaign
  • Any changes in perceptions of community since the last survey 12 months ago
  • Role of giving and how they currently do this, and if any changes have been made
  • Relevance and appeal of current communication channels and which is most effective




Insights Exchange delivered a report detailing the 2022 survey findings and summary comparison points of trends and shifts in students’ thinking over the 12 months. Key insights in areas such as social media usage and video campaign effectiveness will provide direction for future communication and marketing strategies.

“JCA works closely with the Board of Jewish Education, Board of Progressive Jewish Education and local schools to ensure senior students continue to understand the importance of giving - to whatever campaigns or causes they feel strongly associated with. We wanted to gain a better understanding of their awareness of charities overall and their understanding of the vital programs that JCA supports. The follow up survey showed some interesting trends and new ways that we could continue to inspire this generation to be involved with important charity work.”

Vanessa Johnston, Head of Marketing, Data & Communications – JCA