Building a Scalable Global Business with new Insights

Building a Scalable Global Business with new Insights

New Zealand construction software company Lentune invested in market research in 2023 to better understand their potential customers in Australia and to size the market opportunity. Lentune software streamlines finances to unlock bigger business potential. It smartly replaces tedious processes with automated workflows, to completely transform the way companies see, manage and plan their project finances.

Lentune  wanted to better understand their market sizing and product market fit including:

  • Gauge the potential size of the market in Australia, level of interest for Lentune and how that may vary by size of organisation or sector
  • Identify key  competitors or existing players in Lentune’s market and its point of difference
  • Identify where the potential white space is for Lentune entering the Australian market


Insights Exchange Approach

To best determine the Total Addressable Market (TAM), Serviceable Available Market  (SAM) and  Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM), Insights Exchange decided on a 2 -stage approach for the market research.

The first phase focused on a secondary research study to analyse the current Australian market and category. This was followed by a 5 minute online survey of n=100 owner/operators or decision makers in the construction industry including Commercial, Residential and Commercial Trade representatives.


We are excited to see Lentune has recently taken some of the outputs from the research to build a more powerful brand identity, including evolving their target audience to focus more specifically on the construction industry as well as adapting their value proposition to showcase their new strengths and offerings.

For businesses wanting to enter a new market, market sizing research helps outline the potential value and volume of a specific market segment your company wants to target.

Insights Exchange can help you discover the overall revenue opportunity that is available for your product or service (TAM), the portion of the market that can be specifically targeted with your product/service (SAM) and then the share of the (SAM) market that your service or product can realistically expect (SOM).

For more about what market research options are available to you, please see our Services page.

We wish Lentune all the best in scaling their exciting product and business to Australia and beyond on a global scale!