What Is A Customer Community And How Do You Host One?

So you have a whole bunch of customers that you want to speak to more often, keep them engaged and find out what they think of you. What now? Build a community!

Customers want to ensure their voice is heard in a conversation with other humans … not just a bot, NPS survey feedback, or generic newsletter.

Communities are both a forum for customer social engagement and a means for businesses to better understand their customers, prospects and keep in touch with market changes as they happen.

Creating a customer community is easy – when you know how! You can start with Facebook Groups but also move to a more private forum i.e. Ning, Tribe, Mighty Networks. If you want to extend your customer insights gathering further then try one of our partners Qualzy.


The 3 key benefits of a customer community are:

  • Customers have a place where they can engage regularly and provide valuable feedback over time (at any time of the day or night….on the bus home or at home on the couch…flexibility is key!)
  • Drive retention and greater loyalty over time with customers – you know them and they feel like they know you
  • A real time testing ground for new products, campaigns and advertising messages


Customers who feel connected to and well supported by a company are also more likely to purchase more and remain customers longer.

Interested to find out how an online community can help your business? Contact us today and one of our team members can talk you through our different services and packages.