Demographics and Consumer Trends

  • Professional Gig Economy
  • Impact of AI in Market Research
  • Technology, remote working and the rise of the independent specialist
  • How brands and advertisers can prepare for the Demographic Disruption
  • Cross Culture Research – what does this mean and why do I need it?
  • How to Smash International Markets

11th annual Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2024
Nichola Quail – WINNER (Bronze)
Innovative Achievement in Thought Leadership


“Brilliant content.”

“General demo insights shows a definitive shift towards a new Australia. Would love to find out more.”

“Loved the content, would love a deeper dive into how to tap into these new markets or key things to consider when approaching them as new audiences.”

Nichola Quail is a Global Insights Strategist, Research Specialist and Demography Expert.

As Founder and Director of Insights Exchange, a Global Platform that connects businesses with on-demand researchers, Nichola has been driving ‘collective human intelligence’ for over two decades.

She partners to deliver game-changing research and insights with leading brands such as Xero, Densu, Bravo Media, Bendon, Disney and Panasonic.

Nichola is passionate about sharing the ‘Industry Earthquake’ she clearly sees ahead as a leading Australian Demographist.