Four Reasons Why Data Can Drive Internal Alignment

You are the Founder or CEO and want to launch a new product to ensure the company hits its growth targets and continues to move forward. The Board is reticent to invest and approve spending without some assurances that this is going to be a success or have a market. There are many that would […]

What Is A Customer Community And How Do You Host One?

So you have a whole bunch of customers that you want to speak to more often, keep them engaged and find out what they think of you. What now? Build a community! Customers want to ensure their voice is heard in a conversation with other humans … not just a bot, NPS survey feedback, or […]

5 Shifts Redefining Australia: Part 3

Not long ago, many Australians assumed they’d one day own a home. Real estate didn’t require a 6-figure executive salary to purchase a cozy bungalow or a charming Victorian; a steady job, down payment and a coat of paint was all it took to call a house a home. But if you’ve browsed real estate […]