10 things I learned at Nurture Change 2019

As a business owner, Mum of two young kids and launching a start-up, life is busy. It is easy to put your head down, grit your teeth and

1.Taking time for self care

As a business owner, Mum of two young kids and launching a start-up, life is busy. It is easy to put your head down, grit your teeth and just keep going. But the more you keep working IN the business and not ON it – the less it becomes a business and feels more like a job (that doesn’t pay that well either!). The logistics of getting to @nuturechange is not always easy to ensure life at home keeps going, but the benefits outweigh any short-term pain. It is an opportunity to connect with other like-minded business owners, take time for yourself, work on the heart, soul and mindfulness (thanks @tamiroos) as well as your business and just have a bit of good old-fashioned fun in Paradise (playing rounds of Kubb)!

2. Name it to tame it

Last Friday I had to give a pitch for my startup Insight Exchange to 150 people in a mock Shark Tank style. I have done some public speaking but this was one of my most nerve wracking talks as it was so personal to me. I had to name my anxiety…Cheryl (sorry to @jonbridges ’ Gillian) and remember that fear is not that different to excitement. I ‘got myself up for it’, put in a lot of ‘mahi’ (work) and pretended I was confident. Apparently it worked 🙂

3. I want to go to the gym because…

Thanks to the energiser bunny that is @libbybabet, I have a new phrase to help me get out of bed in the morning to exercise, move, go to the gym and change my life culture. I want to go to xx because of xxx. So simple but so powerful. I am playing the long game and when you are building a business, being mentally and physically strong is equally important to ensure you have clarity of mind and thought.

4. I am habit

I never expected to be watching an AFL highlights session at Nurture Change NZ but thanks to @paulroos, we got an inside view into what a premier coach has to deal with on a day to day basis. Motivating players and setting the team culture on the field is no different motivating staff and setting a team culture at work. Be the head role model and trademark the set of behaviours that is acceptable in that culture. The highlight though was when Paul had to point out which team was the Sydney Swans 🙂

5. The robots are coming

@gregcross of PoweredbyProxi fame is now working with @marksagar on the new digital workforce powered by AI and synthesised human behaviour in real time. The aim is to provide highly personalised customer experiences at scale but has the opportunity to provide digital teachers, doctors and healthcare to the wider population. It was an eye-opening look into the not so distant future and reinforces the need to ensure our kids education is preparing them for the future of work.

6. Celebrating the moment you don’t check your email on ‘holiday’

Hearing the personal stories, anecdotes and business challenges from someone in the trenches was what we all loved from @dionnash. What are you building, why are you building a business, what is the exit strategy? What is going to motivate you through the hard times? I am currently building systems where my ultimate goal is to go away for 5 days and not have to check my work email – that is success!

7. Be the most authentic version of you

Thank you @racheltaulelei for getting us to think differently about our role in the world and what our super powers are through @superheroreader. By doing this then we know what to tap into to go the distance. Be a boy scout – always be prepared when in negotiation, client pitch, investor pitch, entering a new market. Know your story – what is your soundbite? Finally – what kind of business are you building – are you being a good ancestor?

8. Every day is a personal growth day

Through @trelisecooper we learnt to appreciate that not all days are going to be positive but that as the pain is happening consider it is for the highest good. Get to know your staff on a personal level and put your heart and soul in it.

9. How to achieve the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)

It’s hard to summarise Sir Graham Henry (Ted) in a few sentences…the candour, grit, authenticity and black humour that sits under the rough exterior. He regaled us with the true hero’s journey of pulling the ABs through World Cup tragedy and back to conquering the beast in 2011. But what really stood out for me is what it means to have a great life partner and how without someone to share those highs and lows with – it can be a lonely place. Love your work Sir Ted (and the true hero Lady Raewyn)!

10. Don’t stop believin!

The final lesson is from spending 5 days with an incredible group of people where you feel part of an extended family sharing stories, laughs, some tears, a few wines and singing til you are hoarse in a spontaneous jam session from @philmadsen. It is hard to describe the magic of @nurturechange to people if you haven’t been there. The only way you will know is to book your ticket! Thanks again @zacdesilva and @sipdesilva for delivering another unforgettable experience 🙂

There is still a chance to attend Nuture Her and the recently launched Australian Nurture360.